The Birth of Online Casino Gambling

Online casino gambling is an adaptation from the famous lad-based and traditional casino. It is also sometimes called virtual casino or online gambling sites. It provides diverse games or other singe games depending on the moderator of the website. Online casino websites offers better odds as compared to land based casinos especially on games such as the slot machines where in the winning chances are influenced by the house. This is what we call the house edge or the house advantage.

The very first online casino was launched in the world wide web in August 18, 1995 by the name of Internet Casinos, Inc which operate 18 various casino games. It also offered an online access to NIL or National Indian Lottery. The Internet Casinos, Inc started to operate outside the boundaries of the United States in order to avoid some government prosecution.

In the mid years of 90's, another two online casino websites made a debut in the virtual scene which claimed that they were the first one. These were the sports book and Gaming club. The sports book was the first one to launch an online sports book even before the Internet Casino, Inc. Both websites strive to build a reputable and quality of service along with reliable bonuses, payouts, efficient customer services, high security, they provide a service that could cater a large number of players who are interested with this new form of gambling.

Because of the laws of American government towards gambling, online casinos were mostly developed in the Caribbean Islands, Asia and Europe where in the government itself entered the business to provide entertainment to their community.

Nowadays, online casino is considered a phenomenon. It offers different kind of games ranging from five-figure payouts. Some websites even offer free trips to the Paradise Island of Bahamas, Atlantis and other famous tourists spots in the whole world. Atlantis was the first casino who gave importance to the the players by introducing a VIP program, which is exclusive the members of the London Club.

According to a popular gambling magazine, there are 452 gambling sites on the world wide web along with thousands of affiliates, subsidiaries, co-branded sites and other franchises thus making the total market of the online gambling industry to about an approximate $49 billion dollars average worldwide.

The popularity of online casino gambling paved way to a better economic performance not only in the local market but also in the world market as well.